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Welcome to my blog, I am an Italian composer and pianist.

I started to compose spurred on by my deep need for beauty and to create, in the outer world, that particular kind of attractiveness that I am looking for. Although beauty is difficult to demonstrate, I feel that it has an objective existence that is strictly connected to our life.

This also means that my personal opinions and my aesthetic convictions aren’t so important while I am composing. Nothing else is as important to me as feeling astonished and amazed by a musical idea that comes… and sometimes it happens.

My pieces are often inspired by the natural world, by the cosmos or by solitary and rarefied atmospheres.

Although I have composed some chamber and choral works, most of my repertoire consists of short and easy piano pieces, with a length varying from less than a minute until five or six minutes.

In my miniatures, musicians often appreciate harmonic finesse and timbric fantasy. You can find there a contemplative, feminine quality, expressed through chromaticisms around one note, sweetly changing arpeggios and intimate melodies. On the other hand, I composed my MiNoir suite with a barbaric, strongly rhythmic character.

In all this, what really matters to me is the presence of a mysterious and enigmatic quality. That is what captivates me.

I write my music following my ear and instincts, seeking clarity and order, and aiming to be as essential as possible. With few exceptions, I use instruments in a traditional manner.

As I started to write in my own musical language before having a satisfactory knowledge of contemporary music, I can’t indicate real influences for my works.

Obviously, I have now developed my tastes. Among others, the living composers that I love are such diverse musicians as Howard Skempton, Brian Eno, Kaija Saariaho, Ivan Fedele, Giancarlo Cardini and Davide Anzaghi. I also love pop, rock and progressive music and I adore the bossanovas by Chico Barque.

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My works have been performed in Europe and USA in a number of venues, such as Out Off Theatre and Galleria d’Arte Moderna (Milan), Cafe OTO (London), Concert Hall of Thessaloniki State Orchestra (Thessaloniki), Palazzo Te (Mantua), Regis University (Denver, USA), Athens Conservatoire, San Leonardo Theatre (Bologna), Kalamata Conservatoire, Daniel Goode’s Loft (New York), Sala Vanni, Cherubini Conservatoire and Villa Favard (Florence), Auditorium Liani (Camino al Tagliamento – Udine), Villa Aurora (Fagagna – Udine), Casa della Musica e delle Arti (Serri – Messina), Villa Durazzo (Santa Margherita Ligure – Genoa).

They were played at many festivals, including Festival Internazionale Angelica, Eterotopie Piano Festival, GAMO concerti, Festival Itinér’air de Redon (France), Festival Camino De Genere 2019 and Salotto musicale FVG.

They have been played among others by Erato Alakiozidou, Alfonso Alberti, Dante Boon, Giancarlo Cardini, Melaine Dalibert, Donatella Debolini, Muriel Grifò, R. Andrew Lee and Agnese Toniutti.

They were published by Ars publica and recorded by Materiali Sonori.

Although I play sometimes as a soloist, most of my piano activity is as a chamber musician.

I have performed at theatres such as the Goldoni (Florence), the Giordano (Foggia), the Magnolfi nuovo (Prato) and in prestigious venues such as the CISI (International Center for Italian Studies, Genoa), the Auditorium al Duomo, the Lyceum Hall and the Cherubini Conservatory (Florence).

I have collaborated among others with the actress Consuelo Ciatti and with musicians such as Contempoartensemble and Solisti Dauni.

The Italian pianist and composer Giancarlo Cardini, who was also my piano teacher at the Conservatory, dedicated his suite for piano four-hands Quattro pezzi da I prati del paradiso, that I premiered and recorded with him, to me.

I played piano for Elegos DMC ensemble, specialized in contemporary music and conducted by Paolo De Felice.

I have received several awards, both as a chamber pianist and as a music critic. Thanks to International Music Tournament TIM, I was hired by Suonare news Italian magazine in 2009.

After my piano studies, I went on to specialize first with Massimiliano Damerini, then in Chamber Music with Pier Narciso Masi. I also studied at the Florence University with Fiamma Nicolodi, Franco Piperno and Mila De Santis, graduating summa cum laude with a thesis about Jean Françaix’ orchestral music, a repertoire still unexplored at that time.

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